Past Consulting Engagements

Here are a few of my past consulting engagements. The names of client organizations have been removed for privacy and confidentiality.


Responsive Web Design for a Canadian Non-Profit Organization:
Provided advisory services, implementation oversight, and post-deployment evaluation for a Canadian non-profit organization that was overhauling its website.  The final product offered an optimized website viewing experience across a range of devices and demonstrated an enhanced end-user experience for website visitors.


CRM Architecture for a Midsize North American Multi-Channel Retailer:
Participated as an external consultant to offer an assessment and benchmarking of the existing CRM technology at a midsize North-American multi-channel retailer, and produced a report highlighting key areas for improvement and a suggested course of action.


Content Management System for a Local Small Law Practice:
Conceptualized, designed, and delivered a web-based content management system for a local law practice – allowing the partners, associates, and staff to create, publish, share and communicate online content through an enterprise information portal. Trained office staff to effectively utilize the features and functions of the new portal to meet the needs of associates and partners.


Web Analytics Applications for a Municipal Community Portal:
Constructed an e-metrics toolkit for the portal site and directed the deployment of application programming interfaces (APIs) to capture user data from a variety of sources including raw web server logs, web analytics software, workstation cookies, and server-side controls. Systematized an analytics dashboard to observe current issues and flag improvement opportunities at a glance. Devised and assisted in the implementation of web properties based key performance indicators (KPIs) mapped to business objectives originally set out by the project team.


Enterprise HR Portal for the Canadian Operations of a Multinational Fortune 500:
Managed HR business workflow re-engineering by digitization of corporate back-end operation. Consolidated existing work-streams for deployment of new business process management systems. Developed an Employee Self-Service Portal for New Hires in Canada by scoping against the U.S. initiative. Acquired feedback on existing application usability through quarterly meetings, planned and implemented application improvements through various user-centered design protocols.


Social Media Management Training for Marcom Professionals:
Training workshops geared towards marketing communications professionals to help them adopt and use social media management systems (SMMS). Workshops provided examples of using business rules and approved employees and partners to manage multiple social media accounts, and technology features such as governance, workflow, intelligence, and integration capabilities across the enterprise.


Social Media Crisis Management Training for Marcom Professionals:
Seminars geared towards marketing communications professionals to help them be proactive about potential crises issues that arise in or are amplified by social media. Seminars provide examples of social media crises in various industries, and evidence based tactics to alleviate outcomes such as negative mainstream media coverage and financial losses.