Current Research Programs

My current (active) research programs and related projects are listed below. I plan on posting summaries/abstracts for each project at some point.

1. IT Consumerization:

  • Research Projects:
    • Organizational Change Management Practices for IT Consumerization Initiatives
    • Advancing Enterprise Architecture Frameworks to Support IT Consumerization

2. Social Computing:

  • Research Projects:
    • Social Media Security & Privacy
    • Social Media Addiction Behaviours & Interventions

3. End-User Development (EUD):

  • Research Projects:
    • User-Experience Design (UXD) in Smart Home EUD Applications
    • EUD & Computational Thinking

4. Enterprise Gamification:

  • Research Projects:
    • Antecedents of Employee Engagement in Enterprise Gamification
    • Gamification in E-Learning