Information for Prospective Graduate Students

This page provides information about the types of students that I am currently accepting for graduate supervision. Please read this information to determine whether you would be a good fit for my research team.

Current Research:

Please review the Current Research Programs page on this website. On the outset, I would be interested in talking to students who wish to perform research that fits with my research plan, including programs and sub-projects that are listed on my website, or who wish to pursue research in an area that extends my current research. I expect that as a potential graduate student, you will have read through all relevant material on my website before approaching me with a supervision request.

Current Status:

I am currently open to requests for supervision for thesis (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and project (Master’s) students as follows:

  • Program Start Dates in Winter or Fall 2018
  • Formal undergraduate or graduate academic background in Management Information Systems and/or Computer Science or E-Business
  • Good communication and writing skills (I will ask for a writing sample such as your master’s thesis or a senior-year undergraduate project report)
  • No expectation of funding in the first two years of your graduate studies.
    • My research funding requests for 2018 are currently in process or under review. As such I cannot guarantee any funds upfront for graduate students. I also expect you to co-apply for grants with me during your studies.

Supervisory Privileges:

I can supervise graduate students pursuing their theses or projects in the following programs.

Master’s Thesis:

Master’s Project:

Ph.D. Thesis: