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EBC7101: That’s a Wrap!

The three-week intensive course EBC7101 (Research Workshop in E-Business) has now come to an end. I had a great bunch of graduate students (mostly M.Sc. and some Ph.D.) who were working on their research projects and theses in a variety of areas ranging from healthcare analytics, open data, e-learning communities, cross-border e-commerce, online consumer reviews text-mining, and agile… Read More »

Teaching Research Methods in Spring/Summer 2017

This summer I am going to be teaching two graduate-level research methods courses (EBC7101 and EBC7102) for Master’s and Doctoral students in the E-Business Technologies programs at the University of Ottawa. This is the fourth offering of these courses, and I have particularly enjoyed teaching these courses. Not only do I get to draw upon my formal research… Read More »