Teaching Portfolio

I currently teach multiple courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the B.Com, MBA and M.Sc. programs at the Telfer School of Management, and in the University of Ottawa’s interdisciplinary M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in e-Business technologies.

The courses that I teach are interrelated, and often, mutually constitutive. As shown in the graphical depiction on the right, the foundation courses focusing on the strategic aspects of information systems lay the groundwork for other more advanced courses in technology architecture, which in turn facilitate a discourse on the use of various technologies in specific enterprise application domains.

Umar Ruhi's Current Teaching Portfolio

My Current Teaching Portfolio

Following is a list of courses I teach at the University of Ottawa:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • ADM1370: Applications of Information Technology for Business
  • ADM2372: Management Information Systems
  • ADM4377: Digital Enterprise Systems & Strategies

Graduate Courses:

  • EBC6130: Web Services Architecture & Applications
  • EBC6170: Information Security Management
  • EBC6180: Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • EBC7101: Research Workshop in E-Business Technologies
  • EBC7102: Interdisciplinary Research Design in E-Business

Previously Taught Graduate Courses:

  • EBC6180: Electronic Human Resources Management
  • EBC6230: Electronic Supply Chain Management
  • EBC6240: Mobile Commerce
  • MBA6295: Enterprise Social Media Strategy